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addvantage seeks to maximise attractive opportunities in the US trucking market where diesel fuel costs continue to rise. addvantage’s LPG-based injection technology, which was developed over a 15-year period, is based on achieving the cleanest burn possible, especially in Class 8 trucks, the largest and most fuel-thirsty vehicles on US roads.

Since its incorporation in June 2017, addvantage has made notable progress in establishing the business. In March 2018, its US office was opened and, six months later, the first commercial sales were made in the UK, where it trades as a separate entity.

addvantage’s LPG-based technology enables the optimum injection of LPG per revolution depending on several factors, including driving conditions, laden weight, engine telemetry and speed.
The market in the US for such a product is extensive, with over 4m Class 8 vehicles in operation – addvantage’s main target.

Importantly, addvantage owns the exclusive licence to manufacture, sell and distribute its system in the US. The technology itself has been developed in the UK with cooperation from the quoted TT Electronics, which is based in Woking near London.

Central to addvantage’s offering to Class 8 US truck companies is its ability to generate very considerable fuel savings – of up to 15%. In some cases, this may be even higher.

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