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Symvan Capital (Fund)

The Symvan Group (“Symvan”) incorporates Symvan Capital Limited, with an asset-management arm and Symvan Securities Limited, providing corporate finance advisory services.

Symvan Capital is an investment fund advisor dedicated to finding start-up businesses suitable for investment and then supporting them when funds have been provided. They provide an alternative investment approach to SME investing with the aim of delivering superior returns.

Symvan’s principals bring sector-focused SME corporate finance experience, rather than a background of just traditional asset management. Symvan’s tax efficient technology-focused portfolios are relatively small compared to competitors, allowing them to devote greater resource and time for the success of the investee company, rather than a short-term view by maximizing the funds raised. Whilst Symvan’s decisions are always in the best interests of the companies’ shareholders, their focus rests primarily on helping investee companies achieve the necessary follow-on capital they will require to grow, ‘cross-fertilising’ companies within their own network of professional and industry contacts, and ensuring each has the advice and support needed to successfully navigate the pitfalls every start-up typically faces.

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