Corporate Research & Analysis

About our independent research and investor engagement services.

We help companies connect with interested investors, by producing quality research, distributing it broadly, and organising investor meetings. We excel at understanding companies, to enable them to build long-term relationships with the investment community.

Our analyst team has an average of 25+ years of experience.  This experience, and a reputation for integrity, have built trust with investors.

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How we add value to your business

Investor communications

Hardman’s philosophy for communicating with investors interested in your company is unique

Support for Advisors

We provide the insight and support to advisers, to enable them to advise their clients with confidence

Examples of our latest research

We raise the profile of our corporate clients by producing quality, independent research that is disseminated globally, helping companies to build long-term relationships with investors. Our average analyst has 25+ years of experience, and all of our notes provide appropriate valuation data.

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Investor Communications

Global, targeted distribution

Our role is to get your company noticed by the right investors, both institutional and retail.

We maximise the likelihood of this happening by distributing our research immediately on publication, to a targeted group of interested investors, globally. Unlike broker research, it reaches both institutional and retail investors (including wealth managers).

Our research can be read on our website, through channels like Bloomberg, and on companies’ own websites. Beyond written research reports, we produce audio analyst interviews, and film our Investor Forums. We also have a dedicated social media strategy, with a market-leading Twitter following and a significant LinkedIn network. We use both channels extensively to increase awareness of clients’ shares.

Investor roadshows and meetings

We connect companies together with investors who are interested in their stock through one-to-one meetings and roadshows. Experience tells us that investors who meet the management of a company are more likely to invest, and stay invested for longer.

That is why we prepare and pre-arm investors with a sound understanding of the business prior to meeting with company managements. Likewise, managements are aware of the institutions they meet, their investment style, and specific objectives and interests, making for more productive meetings. Investors include specialist small-cap institutional teams and wealth managers.  Roadshows are planned in meticulous detail to maximise efficiency.

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Investor events

We organise investor forums in London and other key UK regional financial centres to enable each company to present its investment case to private client brokers and high net-worth individual investors. Uniquely, we produce research on each presenting company in advance of the event so that attendees are furnished with an analysis of the critical investment issues. This facilitates a constructive dialogue and effective Q&A. We record these events and embed the video in our and our clients’ websites.

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