Evening Standard feature Dr Martin Hall on the Advanced Oncotherapy investment story

31 Oct 2018 / In the media

The Evening Standard this week reported on our client Advanced Oncotherapy in the article ‘Market Minnows: Cancer firm Advanced Oncotherapy might be a long-term winner’.

Mark Shapland recognises Advanced Onotherapy (AVO) as a market leader in the cancer sector providing a competitive edge against their market rivals:

“Proton-beam therapy is nothing new but Avo says its new machines will cost a fraction of the price that rivals like Varian, IBA and Mevion offer.”

The article highlights AVO’s progress towards making the future of cancer care more accessible and indeed more affordable. Ahead of the launch of AVO’s flagship clinic in Harley Street, Shepland looks to Hardman & Co analyst for commentary:

“Martin Hall, analyst at Hardman & Co, says: “Demand for proton therapy is increasing worldwide, and the need for a small, flexible, affordable and close-to-patient system is desirable.””

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About Advanced Oncotherapy

Advanced Oncotherapy is a specialist developer and provider of the next generation of particle therapy systems that makes radiation less toxic for patients, to read the latest Hardman & Co research on this investment opportunity, click here.