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In the media Tax Enhanced

Dr Brian Moretta discusses the market appetite for EIS in Growth Business

The article follows the ‘Tax Efficient Review’ in which the HMRC estimates EIS funds decreased from £1.8bn to £1.4bn. The decline can largely be linked to the ‘risk-to-capital’ legislation; “Mark Brownridge, director general of EISA, said: ‘They want every pound to be at risk … you can’t have a low-risk EIS.’”.  Dr. Brian Moretta, comments […]


“Secure income” REITs

“Secure income” REITs have created wealth rather than merely preserving it.


‘Aaah, we fade to grey’

This article shows how transparency in forecasts has disappeared. Our work shows that, for a typical company with eight analysts, only four forecasts are visible. This demonstrates the risk of confusing coverage with distribution.


February Investor Forum

Our 15th Investor Forum at the offices of DAC Beachcroft in the City of London.


Andrew Bailey keynote speech on MiFID II at the European Independent Research Providers Association

Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Andrew Bailey, gave his keynote speech focusing on the positive impacts and challenges following the implementation of MiFID II.

Insight MiFID II Monitor News

MiFID II Monitor: Small caps boosted by MiFID II as brokers reorganise

UK equity markets have witnessed reduced broker research coverage and diminished liquidity a year on from the introduction of landmark MiFID II requirements, according to Hardman & Co.

In the media Insight

Debt Investment Companies: Diving deep finds you the treasure

In this report, we provide investors with our thoughts on the key issues for Credit Investment Companies.


Investment Research Landscape Post MiFID II- VIDEO

Keith Hiscock in conversation with Neil Shah of Edison Investment Research discussing the changing landscape of investment research post MiFID II.


26.02.19 – Hardman & Co February Investor Forum

Learn more about investing in clean energy, a dividend paying gold miner, and two distinct health care companies at different commercial stages.

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