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After the love has gone

Post-IPO liquidity – how bad is it, does it matter and what can companies do about it?


Technology; cloud, data and blockchain

Milan Radia explores a period of immense change and progress. Certainly, from an investment perspective, it is an exciting time, but as ever, stock selection will be key.


Hardman & Co 21st Birthday Party

Since the current management team purchased the company in late 2012, we have made very substantial progress in expanding our core business. Over the past 5 years, we have trebled the number of clients in the commissioned research space, but also moved into new areas which have added significantly to the growth in revenue. On […]


February 2018 Investor Forum

Hardman & Co host the 14th Investor Forum with presentations from LondonMectric Property, Miton Group Plc, Schroder European REIT, and Gresham House Strategic.


ONS survey underlines the importance of the retail investor

Retail investors remain more important to quoted companies than many of us in the capital markets realise or want to admit.


Liquidity – little understood, even before MiFID II

Low liquidity is the ‘hidden issue’ that most managements have not been told about or grasped, and whose implications cannot be ignored any longer. This paper explores the reality of liquidity.


AIM: A decade of achievement

AIM, which was set up in 1995, continues to prosper despite serious concerns about its future following the financial crisis of 2008/09. In short, it is now in rude health. Nigels Hawkins explores.


Cashflow accounting: The need for consistency

The failure of accounting bodies around the world to adopt a consistent reporting method means that the derivation of operational cashflows, is anything but simple and consistent.


“Every revolution seems impossible at the beginning..”

…and, after it happens, it was inevitable”. Keith Hiscock investigates MiFID II’s implications for capital markets.

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