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Dr Brian Moretta on Estate Planning and IHT

Dr Brian Moretta on the Adviser Hour by GrowthInvest, panel discussion on estate planning and IHT, including current government led overview of the market.

In the media MiFID II Monitor

Bloomberg interview Keith Hiscock on MiFID II Monitor findings

‘For smaller companies, the concern is that declining coverage also curbs trading volumes, making it harder for them to raise capital, transfer stakes or meet institutional investors’ liquidity requirements.’

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Dr Brian Moretta on alternative investment planning

Requirements for advisers to carry out necessary due diligence on these investments.

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Richard Angus comments on investment in early-stage growth companies

Richard Angus, our Head of Business Development, was invited to speak on early-stage growth companies and knowledge-intensive businesses at Newable’s Investors’ Late Summer Soirée.


An explosion of accounting fraud

Accounting scams are probably even more prevalent today than formerly. Steve Clapham investigates.

Insight MiFID II Monitor

MiFID II Monitor: Assessing the impact so far

Revisiting the issue of stock liquidity and examining the initial effect of MiFID II.


Aramco IPO

Steve Clapham outlines why we believe the Aramco IPO may not happen in 2018, if at all.

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No-cost, compliant and independent research on EIS

We are the only company that offers MiFID II compliant independent research absolutely free to advisers.

In the media

Financial Times feature Hardman & Co CEO Keith Hiscock on drop in liquidity and analyst coverage for mid-caps

Mid-cap companies suffer a sharp drop in liquidity and analyst coverage post MiFID II according to Hardman & Co data

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