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The REIFs’ Fundraising Record

09 Sep 2021 / Corporate research

Investors’ appetite endures

Executive summary

  • Undoubtedly, renewable energy is a growth sector, albeit one where public subsidies are pivotal. Approximately 40% of UK electricity demand is now met by renewable energy, a figure that is set to rise further as coal-fired stations are decommissioned and nuclear power capacity, despite the Hinkley Point C project, falls.
  • Of the privatised electricity companies, SSE, by some way, is the key renewables player: it owns more than 3.8GW of renewables generation capacity. However, there are now 19 quoted Renewable Energy Investment Funds (REIFs), many of which generate electricity from wind or solar.
  • Despite the challenges, as well as the uncertainties, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, these 19 REIFs have raised more than £3.5bn since January 2020. Most of these funds have been deployed in either building new plant or buying existing capacity.
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