Ober Private Clients specialises in sourcing EIS eligible single companies for investment on a self-select basis. It focuses on growth opportunities with an emphasis on increasing capital value. Opportunities are typically sourced from three main sectors: consumer technology and lifestyle; music, media and entertainment; and film and television.

Why Invest?


Strategy: Ober offers clients a flow of single company EIS opportunities in well-structured growth-orientated investments.


Past performance: Whilst Ben White has built an extensive track record since 1999, achieving impressive returns, Ober’s investments are too recent to have exited yet.

The Provider


Team: Highly experienced management team led by Head of Investment, Ben White, who has almost 18 years of EIS/SEIS and private equity investment experience.


Company size: The team is small at Ober and relies almost solely on Ben White. It does work closely with sister company White & Company Chartered Accountants, which employs a larger team of experienced professionals.


Nuts & Bolts

  • Regulation: Each opportunity is structured within an SPV that receives Advance Assurance from HMRC before being offered to investors.
  • Diversification: Single company opportunities – investors have to select several to get diversification. Ober aims to offer 10-12 opportunities each year.
  • Valuation: Usually changes at next financing or on write down.


Fee Comments

  • Fees: Only two fees charged – procurement fee and performance fee, with no annual fee. Procurement fee of 5% charged at time of initial investment.
  • Performance fee: Charged at 25% of total gain if profit of 100-199% in excess of original investment, rising to 30% if profit exceeds 200%.



  • Target returns: Ober aims to invest in companies that have the potential to return in excess of three times the original sum invested with an uncapped upside. This high target is ambitious and could produce some volatility of returns.
  • Companies: Investee companies at an early stage in their lifecycle. The client has the responsibility of choosing which EIS offering(s) to invest in. At £25,000 minimum investment per vehicle, a client would have to invest £125,000 to gain maximum diversification of the current range of Ober EIS offerings.