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The Sovereign EIS Film Fund is a discretionary portfolio service that will invest in three to five media companies, including film production, film distribution and music publishing. All investee companies will have received Advance Assurance. The target return is a 17% IRR, including tax relief and after fees. Returns will be focused on capital gains, and investors are unlikely to receive any dividends. The Fund is aimed at the current tax year and will have quarterly closes.

This report goes into details of how the investment process works, sourcing and decision-making, exit strategies, post-investment governance and monitoring, track record, fees and more. It also includes Hardman & Co’s unique fee calculation table, allowing advisors and investors to properly investigate their effect.

To access the July 2019 Hardman & Co report on Sovereign EIS Fund, please contact:

Sovereign Media group
020 3940 7600

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