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Symvan Capital (Fund)

Symvan Technology SEIS Fund & EIS Fund

27 Jun 2016 / Tax enhanced research

Important Note – Prohibition on marketing to retail clients in the UK.

The funds’ strategy is to invest in EIS qualifying companies involved in the development, commercialisation and sale of innovative technologies or use them to gain a competitive advantage.

Why Invest?


Strategy: Exposure to a portfolio of early startup or early stage technology companies.


Portfolio Risk: Early stage companies carry significant risk, though Symvan have had no
failures to date.

The Investment Advisor


Team: Symvan bring a broad range of capital markets experience and a focus on a company’s funding needs throughout its investment period.


Depth of Staff: The Symvan team is very small, though has very experienced advisors and only a few companies to manage.

Nuts & Bolts

  • Regulation: All its funds to date have Amersham Fund Management as the manager with Symvan as the Investment Advisor.
  • Diversification: Exposure to a ‘handful’ of companies – previous products/closings have had 4-6 investments.
  • Valuation: Initially companies will be unquoted. Validation prior to exit mainly through follow on investment

Specific Issues

  • Fees: All charged via company except performance fee, though some may be taken in
    warrants to reduce cash flow strain. Performance fee of 20% of all gains.
  • Investment Process: A life-cycle approach to investment, looking at the plan for the
    next five years. Focus on deeper rather than wider, knowledge of companies and


  • Target returns: The target return is around £1.60 for each £1 invested, which is appropriate for a higher risk product.
  • Risk Mitigation: The Symvan approach is one of ‘deeper rather than wider’, with a
    strong focus on management.

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