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Business Relief Products – The truth about what’s underneath

30 Sep 2019 / Insight Tax Enhanced

By Dr Brian Moretta, Nigel Hawkins

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This report has been written to coincide with the launch of the Hardman & Co panel service for Business Relief (BR) products. Hardman & Co has been providing high quality investment research for more than 20 years. Its pool of analysts is highly experienced, having examined their specialist markets for decades. The co-authors of this report include: Brian Moretta, who has headed Hardman & Co research in the BR space and Nigel Hawkins, who has been analysing the renewables sector since the 1980s.

Although BR has been available for decades, its popularity has surged in the past few years as increasing numbers of people accrue estates that may be subject to inheritance tax. Both the value of assets invested, and the number of products, has grown very quickly. The lack of transparency means that specialist support can add significant value to businesses, both in terms of saving time and avoiding potentially problematic investments.

In this report, we give a brief overview of the strategy options and their prospects, and give insights into some of the potential issues. If you want to know more about BR products and how Hardman & Co can help you to give better advice, then contact us on 0207 194 7622 (see page 16 for full contact details).