Tax Enhanced Services

Reviews and insight into tax enhanced products that enable advisers to offer these products with confidence. This embraces EIS, SEIS, BR and VCT products.

Tax Enhanced products are an increasingly important part of providing a diversified investment portfolio and for financial planning. There is growing demand from clients, and the government is clearly supportive of them.

MiFID II makes it clear that advisers need to understand the nature of the products they are offering, so that they can match it to the risk profile and interests of their clients. Our reviews are designed to help advisers do this, so that they can recommend the right products with confidence.

We work with providers of EIS, SEIS, VCT and BR products to produce independent reviews.

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Advising and investing with confidence

Product research

We write research reports on both funds and companies. It is truly independent research, which is supported by unrivalled market sector experience and expertise

Support for Advisors

We provide the insight and support to advisers, to enable them to advise their clients with confidence


Panels of tax-enhanced products can be tailored to the nature of your business and client base

Product research

Our research is designed for three different audiences.

For product providers and managers, so that they can promote what they offer with confidence.

For advisers, so that they can select the right products for their clients, with confidence.

For investors, so that they can have the reassurance that they are making the right choice, and that they understand what they are investing in.

You have the reassurance that these reviews are supported by a 15- strong team of specialist market analysts. These are investment professionals, all with 20 years or more experience in their chosen markets. They offer unrivalled insight and expertise.

Our focus is to assess the product for its investment potential, as we regard the tax benefits as a bonus.

Support for advisors

At Hardman & Co, we use our wide experience across all market sectors to give insight and context to the investments that we review. We provide the information that enables advisers to speak to their clients on tax-enhanced products with confidence.

We understand that some advisers will be new to Tax Enhanced products, or use them only occasionally. That is why we welcome questions from advisers, and are prepared to offer training workshops for teams of advisers and paraplanners.

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Panels of tax-enhanced products offer several benefits to a firm of advisers.

  • We agree the product selection criteria with you so that the panels provide options for the risk profiles and interests of your clients.
  • We provide real insight and expertise, so that you don’t have to, saving you time and money.
  • We offer three levels of service, ranging from completely bespoke, to a ‘standard’ service, and access to particular reviews.
  • We can provide updates during the year, so that you can be confident that the advice you are giving your clients is always up to date.
  • We can provide support and training to advisers as appropriate.

Above all, it means that you can offer tax-enhanced products to your clients with confidence.

Talk to us about which service is right for your business.

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Hardman & Co instinctively understood our business, and how we added value to the companies we invest in.

Paul Atkinson, Partner

Par Equity LLP